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Tactical outfits and accessories

THREAD TECH SOLUTIONS brings you all its expertise in the field and its expertise in textile engineering to offer you products selected and created according to a single evidence; your security and integrity.

Discover our range of tactical outfits and accessories.

Studies & Expertise Active Watch Projects

Thread Tech Solutions raises its aspiration to the creation of solutions, expertise, technological innovation. Backed by field expertise, Thread Tech Solutions weaves and meshes a network of French and Europeans, in order to offer Solutions and Possibilities in the fields of tactics, ballistics and more.

Defense and Security Consulting

With its network, knowledge of the market and approach in Economic Intelligence, Thread Tech Solutions supports you in assisting in strategic decision-making or in the Defense market. From support to project management, Thread Tech Solutions puts its skills and solutions into any search for value chains.

Distributor France* STOOF®

Full range STOOF offered only to professionals as a French Distributor.

* Distributor France: TTS is an authorized partner for the distribution of STOOF vehicles and solutions for France.


From Thread to Thread to integrate a methodology, tools, practice…

Adequate training directly related to the skills of the participants. The constantly updated content guarantees relevant and quality sharing in order to go beyond the limits or simple objectives, a long-term investment…